Cities for the People

“Until about 1960, cities around the world were developed on the basis of centuries of experience, and were built for people. Following urban growth, the design of cities was delegated to professional planners. The human dimension was neglected for decades and roughly addressed, unlike vehicular traffic.
The result of this approach is that people are often mistreated: limited space, obstacles, noise, pollution, and the risk of accidents are the norm for the inhabitants of most of the world’s cities.
After years of disregard, however, it is possible to find new urban designs and strategies geared toward vibrant, safe, sustainable, and healthy cities-important goals in the 21st century” (Jan Gehl – Cities for People, 2010)

This questionnaire is an important part of the project “The Cyclepoetic City” . It refers to Goal 11 of the UN Agenda 2030: to make cities and human settlements inclusive, healthy, resilient and sustainable.

Please, let us know your opinion on these issues regarding the city of Florence and other places